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Help with Microsoft Word

If you’re using Microsoft Word, you probably need help. Here are some places you can turn to.

Microsoft Office Forums has user forums for the Microsoft Office products. In the Word forum, generous people answer questions from new users and experienced users alike. Sometimes I can contribute to an answer. More often, I learn things. This is not an official Microsoft website.

If you are a new user of Microsoft Word, the tutorial from Florida Gulf Coast University is pretty good, although it curiously does not discuss section breaks. This article on Tech Republic closes that gap, explaining the use of section breaks.

There are official Microsoft tutorials for Office 2013.

Word MVP is another unofficial site, where generous experts give the lowdown on Word and answer questions.

A site I learned about on the Microsoft Office Forums, where it is highly recommended, is Word in Your Business by Shauna Kelly.

Word Tips has free weekly email newsletters with tips and answers to readers’ problems with Word. There are two websites where you can subscribe or look up answers, one for the older menu versions of Word and one for the newer ribbon versions.

Finally, Liz Dexter’s Libro editing blog has some thorough articles on assorted Microsoft Word functions; she has them grouped by category.

I’ve added this information to my Favorites page on this blog.