The Editor’s Companion blog presents new material from Steve Dunham, author of the book The Editor’s Companion from Writer’s Digest Books (December 2014)—a friendly, helpful guide to the principles of editing. I hope that the book and blog will be useful to journalism students, novice editors, and those who have editing thrust upon them—volunteers editing organizations’ newsletters and websites, or people whose employers have assigned them editing responsibility because they are good with English—as well as lone editors in an alligator pond of co-workers and bosses who have their own ideas about how to punctuate and capitalize things.

I also invite you to visit my website, Steve Dunham’s Trains of Thought.

Have a question or something to say? You can send me an email.


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  2. Mark Gusack

    I just finished writing a book. It’s 270 single spaced .25 inch margin pages long. I was looking for a simple, easy to read guide on how to do the initial editing before obtaining professional help for final publication. Luckily, I found your book, the Editor’s Companion, on line and ordered it. The book arrived Friday afternoon and I’ve just finished reading it. Nice! This was the perfect introduction for me given that my extensive educational background doesn’t include a lick of grammar, sentence structure, or punctuation. Thank-you so much for writing this book and providing follow on references, many of which are free online.



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