Steve’s Hall of Shame:* Different News Bites, same headline

“Haste makes waste,” said Ben Franklin. A common shortcut for editors and writers is to copy content and paste it, then replace the text in the new item. I do this a lot myself. But what if you forget to replace the text, or just some of it? You can end up with different items having the same headline, as in these News Bites from the Fredericksburg, Virginia, Free Lance–Star on November 16, 2015.

“Some of these things belong together … went a song I heard on Sesame Street when I was young. Maybe I should sing it when I copy and paste content as a shortcut.

Don’t let this happen to you: Take the time to make sure that copying and pasting produced the results you wanted.

* “Steve’s Hall of Shame” is what one writer called my collection of bloopers. I decided to keep the name.


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