A simple signature block

Often I see documents that people must sign and date, and quite often the spaces to be filled in are composed of a hodgepodge of tabs and spaces (top left in the picture), with some spaces underlined. If the document is only going to be printed and signed by someone, then this method may do, even though it’s unpleasant to think about how it was made.

Sometimes, though, people must fill out the form on a computer (I’m not talking about fields in a Word document, which are something else again), then print it and sign it. Here I typed “MY NAME!” which pushed the underlined spaces off to the right, messing up the alignment.

A better method is to set up a simple Word table (the images on the right). This one has three columns and four rows. I used the Borders and Shading tool to apply borders to the bottoms of three of the table cells (the gray lines you see are just the cell boundaries; they don’t print). The labels are centered precisely, not approximately, and when I typed “MY NAME!” it simply appeared as content in one of the table cells without affecting the table layout. I could even paste a picture of my signature into the top left cell (though for this example I merely typed “My Signature” in the Edwardian Script font).


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